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Mike Chitwood

 Superintendent Michael J. ChitwoodbioCommunity Message from the Superintendent

As Superintendent of Police, it is my pleasure to present the Upper Darby Police Department 2015 Annual Report.  This report provides information and statistics on reported offenses, our staffing and on the department budget. In addition to the facts and figures, the report provides highlights of the important work our men and women in blue do every day to serve and protect.  I am honored to share the accomplishments of the Upper Darby Police Department with you.

Crime is a community problem and the challenges the law enforcement community faces are many.  But challenges create opportunities.  In 2014, the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri and   New York City gave us pause; made us evaluate.  As law enforcement professionals, we cannot be complacent in our endeavor to create opportunity from challenges such as these.  Are we doing enough to promote understanding in the community we serve? Can we do more?  It is our duty to find new and better ways to connect with our community, to improve the cultural competency of every staff member of our organization, to sharpen our negotiating skills and to enhance training in crisis intervention.  The Upper Darby Police Department is committed to evaluating these issues and formulating action plans that will affect positive outcomes in 2015 and beyond.

The Upper Darby Police Department has one focus, YOU- the citizens, business owners, government officials, students and children who make up this diverse place we call home, the Township of Upper Darby.  Making our community safe for you is our highest priority.  To that end, we supplement our police presence on the street with robust community programs like Breaking the Cycle – a program that provides victims assistance services, the Citizen’s Police Academy, the 5th Grade Mentoring Program, and the department’s social media campaign.  In 2014, we added two community touch programs, Coffee with a Cop and Community Outreach calls.  Coffee with a Cop is an informal but effective way to facilitate communication and understanding between our officers and the community we serve.  As a way to follow up on service calls in the community, in November of 2014, our Department launched an outreach call program and to date, we have initiated over 150 follow up calls.

We want to hear from you.  We welcome your feedback and we are open to your suggestions about how we can continue to build our community partnerships.  You can call my office, stop by the station, send a tweet @UDPolice or friend us on Facebook and share your thoughts.

On behalf of the Upper Darby Police Department,   I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to uphold our mission of partnering with you to increase the quality of life for all citizens in the Township.  We are committed to providing high quality services with honor and integrity. 


Michael J. Chitwood
Superintendent of Police
Upper Darby Police Department